Disciplined Agile Scrum Master

(For professionals new to agile)


As a team leader you strive to be more agile and help your team be more productive. To succeed, you need an agile mindset, combined with leadership and team management skills. At the same time need to do so within the context of your organization and its culture.

The new Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master (DALSM) training and certification provides tools and strategies to help you lead an agile team, influence people, and remove impediments. Using real-world agile strategies, you will learn how to tailor your team’s Way of Working (WoW) to optimize productivity and continuously improve.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be prepared to become DALSM certified.


This workshop is for people who are:

  • New to agile or who have taken some agile training in the past but may not have had the opportunity to apply what theyhave learned in practice
  • Wanting to hone their Scrum Master skill to lead a team in an enterprise setting


  • Attendees earn the designation of Disciplined Agilist, with free first year membership and full benefits, a $50 US value, to the Disciplined Agile Consortium
  • One free attempt of the Disciplined Agile Certification exam when taken within 30 days of the course end date
  • PDUs offered: 28 Technical category

Course Format: Lecture with discussions and workshops

Length of Course: 4 days

What You Will Learn:

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Apply the values, principles, and practices of agile on your team
  • Describe how to create the environment within which flow of value can be achieved
  • Determine the steps required to achieve business agility and what it takes to do it in your organization
  • Choose the appropriate practices and techniques given your working environment to continuously improve your WoW
  • Identify tailored solutions to address common organizational and management needs that still exist even when you are agile

Course Outline:

Day One: Foundations of Lean

  • Pull: The Dot Game
  • What Lean is and what it isn’t
  • Lean Principle: Optimize the whole
  • Lean Principle: Focus on Quick value delivery
  • The Minimum Business Increment
  • Lean Principle: Attend to delays (queues)
  • Value stream mapping: Seeing where our delays are
  • Pull
  • Lean Principle: Build quality in
  • Lean Principle: Make decisions where the work is
  • Lean Principle: Guided continuous improvement
  • Visualizing our work for improvement
  • Lean Principle: Attend to the system
  • The House of Lean

 Day Two: Foundations of Agile

  • The big picture
  • Planning the first iteration
  • Running the iteration
  • Iteration 1 review
  • Planning the second iteration
  • Running the iteration
  • Iteration 2 review

 Day Three: Foundations of Disciplined Agile

  • The Disciplined Agile Mindset
  • Overview
  • People
  • Team Agility
  • Value streams
  • Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE)
  • Disciplined Agile IT (DAIT)
  • Disciplined DevOps
  • Lean Governance

Day Four: Choose Your Way of Working (WoW)

  • Getting started
  • DA principles and complex adaptive systems (CAS)
  • Five steps to choosing your team’s way of working (WoW)
  • Scenario 1 and 2