Facilitated Methods
Basics of Good Project Management


Project management is a discipline that is in ever-increasing demand across all industries and at business organizations of all sizes. It is so ubiquitous now that it has evolved from a specialized technical skill to a life skill. Despite its wide proliferation, there remain key concepts that apply to all projects, regardless of size or budget.

This course will outline these key principles to help participants understand what is involved in successfully managing a project, from initiating and planning, to monitoring and controlling the effort and, ultimately to the final completion of the project.

It also allows participants to expand their current understanding and experience by including additional knowledge and awareness of changing processes and terminology in the field of project management.

This course is based on the 6th edition of the Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge

Course Format: Lecture with discussions and exercises

Length of Course: 2 day

Course Outline:

  • Project Management Framework
  • Initiating the Project
  • Planning the Project
  • Creating Project Baselines
  • Executing the Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling Project Baselines
  • Project Procurement
  • Closing the Project