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Dispute Resolution Process 1. Receipt of dispute notification: a. Through the website with information captured on the web form accessible from the Terms of Reference section b. Notification to submitter by email or phone by providing a direct link to the web form for completion and submittal. 2. Acknowledge receipt of the dispute within 5 business days 3. Add the dispute, and any applicable information to a Dispute Log 4. Review of the situation identified in the dispute notification: a. If a refund or payment issue: i. Invoice and payment history are reviewed b. If a course material issue: i. Determination of whether the course material and access had been provided ii. Verify the shipping or access to the material had been completed successfully c. If another issue is identified: i. Read and if necessary, contact the contact for additional information, through the same medium the complaint was issued (phone or email) ii. Verify the situation addressed to determine the details of the situation 5. Update the Dispute Log with results of analysis findings 6. Provide correspondence through preferred method of communication to submitting party a. Provide initial findings related to the dispute b. If additional information for resolution is required i. Request additional information for clarification within 5 business days ii. Upon receipt of the additional requested information 1. Update Dispute Log 2. Repeat the review of the situation with the additional information c. Update the Dispute Log with additional information and status 7. If analysis findings are accepted by both parties: a. Provide a resolution to a refund/payment dispute based on the stated Terms and Agreements on the website with accompanying documentation of decision reached i. If payment was made and a refund being requested is accepted: 1. The terms for cancellation will be applied as documented on website Terms of Reference 2. Rescheduling in a future event may be offered and student is enrolled in a future event 3. If partial or full refund satisfies the conditions stated on the website Terms of Reference a. Refund is issued for the applicable amount with appropriate documentation provided 4. If payment never received, an updated invoice will be sent showing no payment required ii. If payment was never received and refund is being requested 1. Resend notification of updated invoice with notes included b. Provide a resolution to a dispute with course material with accompanying notification of final resolution i. Verify delivery method and notification ii. Resend or make available, in the most appropriate manner, the material that was not received c. Providing a resolution to disputes of other issues i. Negotiation will be done to determine a satisfactory resolution for both parties ii. Documentation of final resolution will be provided to issuing party 8. Update the Dispute Log with the final resolution and close the dispute

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