Intro to Agile

Intro to Agile

Intro to Agile Projects 1 Days, PDU Hours: 8 (Strategic – 1 hour, Leadership - 3 hours, Technical – 4 hours) What is an Agile Project? Agile projects, also referred to as adaptive projects, utilize a shortened delivery time frame, along with continued prioritization of features, to ensure that the changing organizational environment can be supported. Research indicated that smaller time frames, with delivery of components early and often, lead to an increased success rate. How can Agile Methods support Adaptive Projects? PMI® recognizes that knowledge of agile principles, practices and tools to support the development of applications that can enhance the delivery of business value and agility, improving team productivity and decreasing product defects. Introduction to Agile Projects is positioned to provide the knowledge and understanding of various tools and techniques to increase the business value and agility for today’s changing environment. Course Purpose: This course will present the principles, terminology, tools and techniques associated with major agile methods that can be utilized on project efforts. The target audience for this class includes those individuals who are new to or have only recently been exposed to or involved in agile projects.

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This is an introductory course to the agile tools and techniques. This course is taught onsite.

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