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By Paul Bosakowski, PMP

Out of desperation and frustrated by not being able to communicate a basic principle to my peers, I wrote a paper that was eventually presented at the 1993 PMI Symposium entitled: “Data and Information…Is There a Difference?” Now, nearly two decades later, I am starting to believe that I could make a living helping this generation’s Executives—those in a Governance role—and Project Managers distinguish the same difference.

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Written by  Steve Blash

 March 1, 2011


It refers to the situation when you try to translate something and the original meaning can not be directly translated into the secondary language.  In these cases it must be rephrased or restated in a different way.  The result is that some things are never able to be translated properly.  That is especially the case when attempting to tell a joke to a foreign audience! - Don't attempt.


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